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25.05.2009, 10:36 Uhr

Magazine "Anlagetrends"
Publication dateInsertFormatCirculationPrice per doublepage
28.1.09 Special "Fonds"FuWA434'600CHF 17'100
25.9.09 Special "Vorsorge"BILANZ195x270 mm56'000CHF 18'500
11.11.09 AnlagetrendsFuWA434'600CHF 17'100
Januar 2010 Special "Fonds"FuWA434'600CHF 17'100
Reduction2 issues3 issues4 issues5 issues
Repeat order for booking at the same time5%8%10%15%
Combination with fondstrends.ch25% on costs of partnership
Advisers commission5%
BannersPrice per weekFormat
LeaderboardCHF 800728 x 90 px
SkyscraperCHF 800160 x 600 px
RectangleCHF 950300 x 250 px
FundpartnershipCHF 12'000p. a.
Logo partnershipCHF 500p. a.
"Fonds im Fokus"CHF 1'000per month
Prices are exclusive of Swiss VAT
Particulars of the Website
Visits per month7'500
Page Impressions per month120'000
Newsletter subscribers1'600
Formates for bannergif, jpeg, Flash
Factsheet (pdf)
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