UBS launches Gender Equality ETF

The new UBS Fund is the first of its kind to put gender equality and sustainability at its core as well as donating part (5%) of its fee to its philanthropic foundation UBS Optimus.

12.01.2018, 16:53 Uhr

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UBS launches the UBS (lrl) ETF plc Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF as part of its suite of impact investment opportunities for its clients. The ETF will invest in the Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equality 100 Leaders index, an index of 100 leading global companies with a strong record in gender diversity and sustainability.

The companies were selected based on 19 diversity criteria, including equal compensation and work-life balance, transparency and accountability, gender balance, and sustainability policies. The index includes the 30 highest rated US stocks, yet caps single issuers at 3% of the ETF's assets. With its broad criteria, the index provides a higher overall gender equality score than other Global Gender Equality Indexes, whilst providing stable risk-adjusted performance.

The ETF is a joint collaboration between UBS Asset Management and UBS Wealth Management and is part of UBS's commitment to sustainable and impact investing. UBS will dedicate 5% of management fees received in relation to the ETF, to philanthropic projects supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 5 via the UBS Optimus Foundation. Through its choice of index, the ETF also contributes to Equileap, a social enterprise committed to accelerating progress towards gender equality in the workplace, using the power of investments, knowledge and donations.

In recent research, UBS Wealth Management's Chief Investment Office analyzed several profitability metrics for companies in the FTSE Developed World Index, and found that companies with women making up at least 20% of the board and senior management (higher than the reported averages of 17% and 11% for the index) had higher returns than their less gender-diverse peers. The same was true for companies that have more than 30% women in overall management positions (higher than the reported average of 25%), and for overall 4060% women employees (the average was 36%).

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