Thematic Investing: Make your Money Matter

The world of today is changing rapidly. Dynamic trends like digitalization and e-commerce, the threats of global warming and rising pollution, resource scarcity and social imbalances cause new industries to emerge and grow while others suffer. At the same time, interest rates are still close to record lows compared to the levels previously considered normal. This provides investors with some unique challenges, but also with exciting investment opportunities.

A thematic investment approach aims to identify powerful transformational trends as well as tomorrow’s market leaders in those areas. With an impact investment approach, on the other hand, investors focus on businesses that aim to solve social and environmental problems and thus make a measurable, positive impact in these areas. This way, they seek a twofold dividend for their portfolios: attractive returns, while driving positive change for people and our planet.


  • Which are the trends and themes that will shape our world of transformation?
  • Which opportunities does this transformation bring?
  • And with which investments is it possible to have a positive impact on society while earning attractive returns?

Discuss these and further topics with our experts for thematic investments during our livestream event "Make your Money Matter".

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the livestream.

Key Speakers

Please find below our key speakers. Additionally, six of our investment specialists will do their best in answering the most common investor questions, demonstrating that it is possible to make your money matter by investing in trends that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Prof. Vanina Farber, Director of elea Center for Social Innovation, IMD Business School

Dr. Patrick Sege, CEO Vontobel Asset Management AG, Vontobel Asset Management

Paolo Patelli, Deputy CIO, Crossinvest SA

Datum: 23.06.2021, 10:00 - 11:15 Uhr
Organisator: Vontobel
Ort: online
Kosten: kostenlos

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