Financial Innovation - Accelerating the Change

While sustainability has become part of our everyday life, the need for rapid change is becoming increasingly evident. And financial innovation has a key role to play in accelerating this change. The conference will focus on current issues, and in particular on the mismatch between what society believes the system to be and what it actually is. Ways of accelerating this transition will be sought, and discussion will range from climate risk for banks, whether CO2 should be considered a rare resource, to the challenges of scalability.

Datum: 23.09.2023, 13:15 - 17:00 Uhr
Organisator: Swiss Finance Institute (SFI)
Ort: Metropol
Adresse: Fraumünsterstrasse 12, 8001 Zurich
Zielgruppe: Professionelle Investoren
Kosten: Keine

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