AIC Sustainable Finance Webinar Series - Stewardship in Alternative Investments

By actively exercising investor voting rights and engaging in dialogue with companies in the investment portfolio, institutional investors such as insurers, pension funds and asset managers can make an important contribution to sustainability goals. Within the different sustainability approaches, stewardship (or active ownership) is considered as one of the most effective for that purpose alongside impact and thematic investing. Within alternative investments, stewardship, which includes both engagement and voting, may take place with external managers and/or directly with underlying companies. In both cases, stewardship plays an even greater role given the direct relationship investors have with external managers and/or their investees and the higher stakes investors may have in the respective underlying companies.

Datum: 12.12.2023, 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr
Organisator: Asset Management Association Switzerland
Ort: Online

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