Blockchain Summit 2018: Support of the Federal Councilor


This year's Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley saw a quick succession of highlights. Based around the theme of "Corporates vs. Startups", pioneers of blockchain technology met representatives of the "Old Economy" and got the support of the Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann.

27.04.2018, 09:24 Uhr

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In his opening speech, Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann made a plea not to restrict young companies' flexibility through excessive regulation. "As the most competitive, innovative and liberal country in the world, Switzerland offers an optimal framework for business even in the digital age," said Schneider-Ammann in his opening remarks to the Summit.

The Swiss Economy Minister believes that in order to succeed, the nations blockchain startup scene needs a liberal framework for experimentation. Representatives of the Swiss Blockchain Taskforce, a private sector initiative instigated by the industry, handed Schneider-Ammann its White Paper with proposals for the future regulation of Initial Token Offerings (ICO) and other issues surrounding the new technology.

Zug developped to a Crypto hub

For the last few years, the existence of so-called Crypto Valley, clustered between Zug and Zurich, has had proved an unprecedented pull factor for blockchain startups from around the world. A prominent example is the Aragon Foundation the presenting partner of this years Blockchain Summit and a pioneer in the field of decentralized governance solutions, which has just moved its HQ from Milan to Zug. "There are 13 of us, and although the team is fully remote, we want to embrace Zug's local ecosystem", stated Luis Iván Cuende, Aragons founder. The 22-year-old star in the blockchain community figures in the "Forbes Top 30 under 30". Aragon is now hiring locals to fill some positions.

The end of this summit also marked the start of another two rounds of the acclaimed Blockchain Competition organized by Lakeside Partners and inacta, the joint driving forces behind the Blockchain Summit. This year, there are two main awards to win: "Blockchain for Finance" and "Blockchain for Real Estate". Promising startups can turn their idea into cash and win USD 100'000 in each competition, plus a year's worth of office space at the Crypto Valley Labs in Zug and a programme of professional coaching. Entrants are invited to submit applications by June 30 2018.

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