Opportunities in Sustainable Investment Natixis IM ESG Outlook 2022

Natixis Investment Managers invites you to join this upcoming webinar to better understand the ESG landscape, challenges, opportunities, and market trends in 2022. The session will include a Q&A segment with the speakers at the end.

Topics in focus:

  • What does the ESG agenda look like in 2022? Insights on climate change and net-zero pathways
  • What new regulations are we facing? ESG / Impact / Methodology & Engagement - from ‘soft law’ to ‘hard law’
  • Which opportunities and metrics help us to measure positive and negative contributions in sustainable investments?
  • How to avoid greenwashing - the biggest risk of SRI funds
  • ESG initiatives in China and how to find value in Chinese companies
  • How to maximize impact by investing in Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds: market overview & trends.

Register now and gain an overview of the ESG landscape 2022.

Datum: 26.01.2022, 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Organisator: Natixis Investment Managers
Ort: online
Zielgruppe: Professional investors
Kosten: kostenlos

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