Nordea Webinar: Finding the sweet spot between diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns

The "new" high yield environment seems to have opened-up exciting opportunities for fixed income assets after years of very low to negative returns. Despite this, uncertainties around inflation, rates and the global economy continue to concern investors and global financial markets. Should investors pack their portfolios with fixed income assets despite still resilient economic growth, stubbornly high inflation and hawkish monetary policies? Are equities still a valid investment opportunity after the YTD rally and the not so attractive valuations?

Alternative risk premia strategies can help investors navigate the complexities of building portfolios that are less directional (beta), more resilient and better diversified during market downturns, without sacrificing on their long term return objectives.

Cristian Balteo, Head of Investment Products – Multi Assets, will provide you an update across the palette of multi-asset products, including the Stable Return Strategy (high conviction, total return portfolio focused on capital preservation) and the Alpha 7/10/15 MA Strategies (liquid alternative, absolute return solutions with different risk levels).

Datum: 26.09.2023, 14:30 - 15:30 Uhr
Organisator: Nordea
Ort: Online
Zielgruppe: Professionelle Investoren
Kosten: keine

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