LocationPoint®-Trading – read the chart like a map

There are many different ways to derive your trading decisions. LocationPoint®-Trading is a method that is designed to recognize signals in the markets when the market reacts to certain recurring factors.

The trader's opponent is not the chart. Opponents of retail traders are those who move the chart/market. In other words, the big money of institutions, hedge funds and investment banks.

The good news, however, is that this money leaves a very noticeable mark when it flows into the markets. And this is exactly where LocationPoint® trading comes in.

In this seminar you will be shown in a very vivid way that the markets do not function as often assumed by chance, but that they do speak a language and are subject to very comprehensible rules and you can interpret them like reading a map.

Gilbert Kreuzthaler, CEO of AgenaTrader.com, uses his LocationPoint-AddOns, which have been developed over many years of market observation, to show you how markets can be analyzed very efficiently, far away from previously known and conventional approaches. How to find entry points, how to identify targets based on these entry points and how to provide these trades with the efficient and appropriate stop methods.

The topics of this course are:

  • Find the best reversals and trend following entries at the LocationPoints, exactly in the moment when they happen.
  • The most efficient initial- and trailing Stop-methods
  • The Targets – a complete new approach where to find trade exits
  • The most aggressive trading decisions are the most saves ones.
  • How do I manage my risks

Datum: 13.06.2019, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
Organisator: Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT)
Ort: Zurich
Adresse: Volkshochschule Zürich, Bärengasse 22, 8001 Zurich
Kosten: CHF 25.-

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