Infrastructure Investors Forum: Latin America

Latin America faced an uphill battle this year with the effects of COVID-19 slowing economies, which caused deal activity in the region to pause the first half of the year. In the past, the region has been resilient to global trends, however, 2020 has proven to be a tougher fight.

IIF Latin America will explore why the region is prolific for international investors, what and where are the best infrastructure opportunities. Speakers will explain why Brazil moves forward and Mexico stays behind. Can they be considered the most active countries in the region now, considering that investments in Brazil are predominantly made by private companies, but not in Mexico?

This must attend conference is a unique opportunity to discuss the investment landscape in Latin America with leading global investors and to interact with the key industry players who are creating the opportunities which will continue to drive infrastructure investing in the region.

Datum: 03.03.2021, 16:00 - 20:45 Uhr
Organisator: Inframation
Ort: online
Kosten: kostenlos

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