Crypto Finance Conference

The 3 main objectives of the CfC St. Moritz conference are:

  1. Personal knowledge transfer from industry expert(s) to CfC St. Moritz investors
  2. Opportunity to connect to a unique network
  3. Enjoy the time in Engadin and the company with other participants

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation is not allowing us to hold a physical conference and thus not being able to attain goal no. 3. Nevertheless, we will be hosting the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day, a one-day virtual format covering the most recent and relevant topics of the industry to achieve goals no. 1 and 2. This allows our CfC St. Moritz investors’ network and the industry experts to receive and exchange the most relevant information and stay connected with each other in these challenging times. There will be a public and private part of the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day. To be able to join the private part, you will have to apply for a payable virtual seat.

Datum: 20.01.2021, 14:30 - 19:30 Uhr
Organisator: CFC St. Moritz
Ort: online
Kosten: ab CHF 250

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